Monday, July 21, 2008

Community Service

Tonight is family night. Tonight I also had a meeting. What better thing to do for family night than to teach your children about community service.

After dinner I informed Alex and Daniel that we were going to the library for family night. So we went to the library where we spent 40 minutes in our home owners association meeting. They were actually quite good. Alex sat mostly still and Daniel wandered around in the back of the room and played with the door quietly. They were ready to go home when it was over so I took them into the library for a few minutes and we left. Mom had treats when we got home.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Goodbye to Our Missionary

Yesterday was a day at the temple. We went to both the Salt Lake and Jordan River Temples.

Ready to enter the MTC.

Saying goodbye to Mom before he walks in.

First instructions as he gets his badge and lunch card.

Opening up his pocket for his badge. They were giving seam rippers to the missionaries with their badge. Both the other missionaries who walked in with him needed a seam ripper too.

Japan Kobe here he comes!!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Relief Society with the Elder-ly

We had a great day at church today at the care center with Grandma. We were 15 minutes early for church but Grandma and most the others were already there saving their seats (wheelchair positions). Grandma had two chairs next to her with signs that said reserved. Priesthood/Relief Society was first.

The Relief Society President came up to us and said "Hi" and started to ask if we wanted to go to Priesthood down the hall. Grandma's arm immediately shot in front of Andrew as she exclaimed "No no! We enjoyed a nice Relief Society lesson. All 3 meetings took just over 2 hours.

David showed up at the end of church and spent about a half hour with us visiting Grandma while Andrew played with the wheelchair.