Saturday, April 3, 2010

My New Toy

I broke down and bought one of the toys I've wanted since I was a kid. I used to have to plow our garden area as a kid. It was about a third of an acre. We had a front tine tilled that work good. I used to wish we had a fancy Troy-Bilt tiller and I think my dad did also.

I no longer have the yard to justify a large tiller. So I bought a Mantis tiller. It is a cute little machine that weighs in at 24 lbs with a 25cc engine that holds a third of a cup of oil. That little 1.1 HP motor does the job.

I took my boys out with me and we went to work. So far we have dethatched and aerated the front lawn and plowed our little garden plots. It removed enough thatch on the front lawn to completely fill our 64 gallon yard waste tote. I finally got to use the snow shovel I was given for my birthday to load the thatch. We have not received any snow since I got it.

I'm not sure how the front yard will survive from out attack but we had a good time working on it. I just need to fill in a couple depressions in the yard and reseed now. Hopefully later this year it will look better then the patchy moss filled lawn it had become.