Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Our Newest Baby Takes Off

After several long years of waiting the 787 has finally taken off. (Only 2 and a half years late) I spent over a year with my "desk" in front of the left wing while it was in the factory. And it has been constant work since then.

I'd like to say thank you to all my coworkers who put in many hours to make the flight a reality. I wish I could say we were done but now we have to get everything taken care of so we can start delivering the airplane.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. Although I wish I had a better camera.

This helicopter flew all around taking IMAX movie pictures.

CNBC cameraman


crashhanna said...

It was fun to be able to watch it fly past...and a bit of a relief.

Congratulations on the baby. At least we won't have to potty train this one.

crashhanna said...

...I guess we would have had to if you were still in the lav group.

Suzanne said...

Very cool! Was there a simultaneous breath of relief when it took off?

CoryLee said...

Congratulations Steave. When are you moving to SC to head up the production down here? did I menchen it was 75 and sunny yesterday.